"Chinese has changed our destiny".

Cheng Yu Hua

Original title: "Chinese has changed our destiny".

Searl (left two) and the bride took a group photo with Confucius college teacher at the wedding.

Mo (right) won the title of outstanding employee of the company in 2017.

(the picture is presented by the Confucius Institute of Monde La Lane University, Mozambique).

Ou Jia (Zhong) was an ambassador of Chinese culture at the Mozambique education exhibition.

In Mozambique, such a group of students came into contact with Chinese because of the establishment of a Confucius Institute. Under the training of Chinese teachers in China, they have changed their destinies.

Realized the value of life

The protagonist of the first story is Searl. When he was young, he lost his father and lived in a home where he had become a family. "When I was little, my biggest dream was to have a home of my own."

February 23, 2018 is the day of Searl's exultation. The teacher's representative of Confucius college in mondela University, Mozambique, attended his wedding and shared the joy of his family. The bride is a beautiful Ethiopia girl who met Searl on the same plane that he took to China to study abroad. The girl sat next to him, and they went to the same university - Zhejiang Normal University to learn Chinese. When he met his beautiful wife, Searl thought it was a gift to learn Chinese, and also a blessing to him.

Today, Searl not only has his own home, but also has an admirable job -- becoming the first local Chinese teacher in Mozambique.

4 years ago, Searl graduated from the French Translation Department of Mond Lane University. He taught children French in a small private school, and the salary was not high. One day, his classmates in Chinese wanted to find someone to study Chinese at Confucius college in Monde la la University in Mozambique, and they took Searl together. In the process of learning, Searl's classmates gave up halfway, but he was deeply attracted by the wonderful characters and got scholarships to study in China.

In order to learn Chinese well, Searl did not return to China for 3 years. In the past 3 years, Searl has achieved excellent grades, won the six level certificate in the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), and the master's degree in Chinese international education. On the eve of graduation in 2017, he participated in the "Han Chinese hero League" competition held by the Han Office of China and won the 32 strong achievements. After returning to China, Searl was appointed the first local Chinese teacher in Mozambique by Confucius College of Mond Lane University.

Searl cherished the hard won job, devoted himself to it and made impressive achievements in a short time. In 2017, he led the students in the "Chinese Bridge" world middle school student Chinese competition, won the African Group Champion. This is the first time that Mozambique high school students have participated in the "Chinese Bridge" competition.

For Searl, learning Chinese not only made him realize his family dream, but also realized his life value. Nowadays, he has become the idol of many local Chinese students.

Bring new job opportunities

"When I was translating, I was very nervous and my hands were sweating. At present, there are many working experiences, and the Chinese level is also improved. Whether he worked in a famous Portuguese insurance company in Mozambique as a Chinese marketing manager in the Chinese market, Mr. Jian Hong, the Chinese manager, was very satisfied with his performance.

Before learning Chinese, he graduated from French Education in Monde Lane University in Mozambique. After graduation, no counterpart work was found. It is hard to work as an insurance salesman, go door to door, and sell insurance from door to door.

A chance chance to hear that Mond Lane university founded the Confucius Institute. Out of his love for language, he tried to give a Chinese training course. What he did not expect was that he fell deeply in love with Chinese and got a scholarship to study in China.

After studying hard, we won the first "Chinese Bridge" competition in Mozambique in 2016. This brought him a whole new job opportunity -- from a salesman to a company translator.

More than 1 years of translation work has made him mature and competent. If he hadn't studied Chinese, he might still be working as an insurance salesman, and he couldn't imagine what life would be like tomorrow. "I am very satisfied with my present work. It not only gives me a satisfactory salary, but also gives me the opportunity to meet all kinds of talents and broaden my horizons. I hope that I will have the opportunity to study in China again, and let my dream go further. " Can it be said?

Learning self-confidence through learning Chinese

"After 1 years of studying in China, I have not only met many new friends, but also have learned a lot about Chinese culture, and my Chinese has been greatly improved." Ou Jia was the champion of the Chinese Bridge Competition of Mozambique university students in 2017. The tiny girl has returned from China to study and continue to walk on her way to realize her dream of life.

While studying in China, the scores of Ou Jia's courses exceeded 90 points, of which two reached 100 points. She also became the "learning tyrant" in her classmates' mind.

Ou Jia is the first Chinese language student in Monde Lane University in 2016 and one of the only two girls in the class in Mozambique. Before graduating from a vocational high school, she did not find a job after graduation, and her future was unknown.

Speaking of the fate of Chinese, Ou Jia said, "my grandmother's high blood pressure is cured by Chinese medical team doctors with Chinese medicine, and I love China too." Ou Jia was very attached to her grandmother, and her grandmother encouraged her to learn Chinese. From the first contact with Chinese, Ou Jia is like a fish swimming in the sea again, swimming in the ocean of Chinese.

Owing to his love for Chinese and his unyielding fate, Ou Jia studied very hard. Her grandmother said, "for a time, I thought my little Ou was crazy. Even when she was eating and going to the toilet, she was not able to read her book." Finally, in return, Ou Jia became a top student in his teachers and students, and won a scholarship to study in China for 1 years.

He plans to go to China to continue her master's degree in international education in Chinese. "My biggest dream is to become the first native Chinese female teacher in Mozambique, and let others know that our girls are also excellent." Learning Chinese enables ou to regain self-confidence and open a new chapter in her life. He hopes his success will bring confidence to the girls around him.

With the increasing cultural and economic exchanges between China and Mo, I believe there will be more and more "Searl" and "Ou Jia" in Mozambique.

(Editor: Liu Jingting, Xiong Xu)

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