The old children blink, beware of visual fatigue


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Original title: the old children blink, beware of visual fatigue (health road about adolescent eyesight health.)

Not only may regulate the visual fatigue caused by excessive caused by myopia hyperopia, may also do not wear glasses regulating force caused by lack of treatment, need to It differs from man to man.

Many parents believe that children blinking, eye rubbing, inattention, is a matter of habit. When the child appeared diplopia, headache, vomiting and other symptoms, parents will take the children to see a neurologist. In fact, this may be caused by visual fatigue.

Epidemiological studies show that 23% school-age children have different degrees of visual fatigue. Because the child may not be an accurate representation of the ocular symptoms, so often misdiagnosed.

People in the eyes close, it will use the power of the eye. The general habit of reading at the distance of 33 - 40 cm. In theory, in order to see the word on the books, to 33 cm reading distance, the human need to pay 3 diopter power, this process is regulated. Light from an object into another optical density of different substances, the direction of light propagation of deflection, which is called refraction phenomenon, indicating the size of this phenomenon is the unit refractive diopter, commonly used "D" to say. 1 diopter or 1D, is often said that the degree of 100. Distant objects emit light through the refraction of the eye system, focused on the retina, when the object moves closer to the eyes, the light will be more divergent, finally gathered in the retina of the eye behind the visual becomes blurred. When the lens becomes convex, in order to increase the refractive power, so as to generate more divergent light forces for convergence, focused on the retina. Look at the objects near, both eyes inward, will gather sight to the middle, this process is set.

Hyperopic visual fatigue is most common in children. Hyperopia refers to a refraction distance parallel beam after ocular refraction imaging in the retina after. The opposite of myopia, preschool children physiology due to a shorter axial length, often expressed as a physiological hyperopia, generally about +200 to +300 degrees (negative for hyperopia myopia degree is the degree). Until the school age, was close to the normal eye development. But the children because of the regulation, even if there is a slight hyperopia or even moderate hyperopia, also can maintain normal vision distance regulation by. Read for a long time and long time close watching TV, regulating fatigue, prone to many ocular symptoms. In the course of time, only blinking to compensate visual fatigue. Read too close, not only to strengthen regulation, also need to set too much, and the emergence of a collection of visual fatigue, which will aggravate the symptoms of ocular discomfort. Children with visual fatigue on the refractive state, low hyperopia (less than +500) and hyperopia astigmatism, due to the excessive use of regulation, prone to eye fatigue.

Myopic visual fatigue is caused by the lack of practice ". Many parents believe that children myopia, near distance should take off glasses. Studies have shown that patients with myopia is not caused by the regulation is too strong, sometimes even regulate regulation flexibility is the main cause of decline. Simply speaking, regulating function of the eyes also need regular exercise. When juvenile myopia patients see the near term do not wear glasses, because the near point focus on near without the use of force regulation, regulatory function decreased further days and months multiplying. This situation is presbyopia and the elderly are similar, small age "small eyes". At the same time, regulation may set insufficient or excessive secondary collection, performance of exophoria or esophoria, and the emergence of a series of eye symptoms. There are also some patients with ocular discomfort due to excessive glasses correction, see wearing glasses and stick to close, appear to regulate and adjust the tense over.

A collection of abnormal function can also cause visual fatigue. When the eye gaze near objects, the need for adequate collection of reserves, in order to ensure the continued focus on the object in the sight of two eyes. The collection function is insufficient, because cannot contain the external oblique trend of the eyeball itself, as long as there is reading fatigue, eye pain, headache, dizziness, nausea, diplopia.

Therefore, visual fatigue can adjust strong cause caused by hyperopia, myopia does not wear glasses may also by adjusting force caused by lack of treatment, need to It differs from man to man.

Wearing the right lens in the treatment of hyperopia and astigmatism, hyperopia is an important method for correcting children's visual fatigue. Children wearing glasses after treatment, should check regularly, adjust the glasses and correction method. Low hyperopic children, if often appear symptoms of fatigue, even the visual acuity were normal, should also be read and write when wearing glasses correction to alleviate eye fatigue, prevent myopia occur at the same time. Should be increased and alternating at sports, including table tennis, badminton etc.. The work must adhere to wear glasses close, to increase the use of accommodation.

Overcorrection adjusted myopia causes visual fatigue symptoms caused by strong, need to accurately determine the mydriatic optometry myopia glasses, adjust the prescription, remove the influence of the factors. In the life, should be reduced for nearly the time with the eye, strengthening and alternating fixation movement.

(the author for optometry and ophthalmology center of Peking University People's Hospital resident)

(commissioning editor Liu Jingting and Xiong Xu)

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