Children spend more than 1 hours playing mobile phones, affecting mental health

Xin Fang Wang

09 November 2018, 09:10 source: Beijing daily
Original title: children playing mobile phone over 1 hours affect mental health

Xin Fang Wang

A study in the United States shows that if children spend more than an hour on mobile devices such as smart phones, computers and televisions every day, their mental health will be impaired. The longer the time, the greater the injury.

Researchers from University of Georgia and California State University of San Diego conducted a survey. They asked more than 4.4 parents of children aged 2 to 17 to fill in questionnaires, including the screen time, medical condition and mental health status of children's daily use of electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. The results show that children spend 3.2 hours a day watching TV, computers or cell phones. The longer the child is, the longer the screen time will be.

After analyzing the questionnaire, researchers found that the screen time of one hour a day is the key node affecting children's mental health. No matter whether they are exposed to these electronic devices, there is almost no difference in mental health. Once more than one hour, the longer the time, the poorer the inner happiness, the higher the risk of anxiety or depression, the poorer the self-control and emotional stability, the lower the curiosity.

This association can be seen in children who are younger than two years old, and become more prominent in older children. For example, between two and five years old children, those who watched the screen for too long were more likely to recover than those who had less time watching the screen, and the chance of losing their temper was two times that of the latter. Adolescents who watched the screen for more than 7 hours a day had a two times risk of depression or anxiety than peers who watched screen time less than one hour.

In an article published in the latest issue of Preventive Medicine report, researchers wrote that it is necessary to set up time limits for children and adolescents to use computers, cell phones and other electronic terminals every day, so as to facilitate children's mental health development.

(Editor: Liu Jingting, Xiong Xu)

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