Qingdao students to carry out emergency evacuation drills

In November 2018 09, 09:15 source: China Education

Foreign personnel make school simulation, combat fighting drills, anti stampede exercises...... Today, the Qingdao City Bureau of education education in the city emergency command center to organize the city's primary and secondary schools, kindergartens emergency evacuation drills, using remote dispatch and live in the form of inspection units of emergency response, emergency disposal and cooperative engagement capability.

As the field commander, deputy director of the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of education Wang Quan a key to start the campus emergency evacuation button, 20 primary and secondary schools to participate in the exercise of the nearly 39 thousand students evacuated to a safe location. Exercise called more than 380 surveillance cameras, the gate of the school, the school campus canteen main road, indoor corridors, playgrounds and other locations, other schools, kindergarten through the campus video system to observe the scene walkthrough.

"Today is tomorrow's practical exercises. To fully understand the importance of emergency drills this matter, especially related to fire safety, every family happiness, related to the stability of each school." Wang Quan said, attaches great importance to the students' safety awareness training and self protection ability, the whole society to form a "safety first" education.

Qingdao City Bureau of education security director Sun Jianguo said that this exercise is the use of "Internet plus" campus security risk prevention and control platform, a remote command and coordinate the activities of the entire process, view, liaison organization, marking the city's education system of campus security risk prevention and emergency response work to a new stage, to improve the disposal schools, kindergartens emergency scientific level of safety management. (Sun Jun)

(Hu Xin: commissioning editor (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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