For Fudan Huangpu River landscape lighting scheme set

In November 2018 09, 09:16 source: China Education

"Chinese welcome!" "Hello!"...... The night, released YiGouGou greetings in the hundreds of meters of floor, Shanghai Huangpu River lights, ambilight. A team at the Fudan University presided over the development set of Huangpu River landscape lighting scheme, welcome to enter the Expo guests and tourists from all sides.

Carry out the research department of environmental science and engineering Fudan University associate professor Yuan Qiao and team members of Shanghai city landscape lighting performance evaluation. The results show that the landscape lights lit the "night of Shanghai", is conducive to the development of the tourism industry and the overall economy. From the perspective of city management, landscape lighting is a "quasi public product".

Qiao yuan team with the relevant administrative departments presided over the Huangpu River landscape lighting scheme, in the global collection program on the basis of the formation of the overall program learn widely from others'strong points, the characteristics of Shanghai. In February this year, the program is approved by the relevant project, from Xupu Bridge to Wusong more than 40 km coastline will be basically completed in 2020.

At present, the shoreline landscape lighting Yangpu bridge to the Nanpu bridge nearly 20 kilometers of newly built or rebuilt and the Huangpu River landscape lighting control system construction project has entered the end, 4 cross river bridge, Yangpu bridge to the Nanpu bridge between the more than 340 buildings, 16 docks complete ahead of the upgrade and normal lighting.

Huangpu District old the Bund retention characteristics of old buildings in Pudong New Area, Lujiazui to show the modern charm of Hongkou District through new Binjiang shoreline green lighting leisurely and comfortable, Yangpu District lighting industry in the new century show vitality...... The distinctive team yuan Qiao District landscape each other to reconcile, painted on a brilliant picture of the night of Shanghai ". (Dong Shaoxiao)

(Hu Xin: commissioning editor (Intern), Xiong Xu)

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