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Utron Technology Co. employee data, there are a lot of returned overseas students.

Forewarned is forearmed. Plan ahead and pay attention to the cultivation of good quality, can make overseas students to return to the development of the road more smoothly.

- Overseas internships, work experience, high gold content

The importance of professional achievement and graduation thesis

- practical! Willing to start from the grassroots

To ask for a letter of recommendation - Internship

Many domestic city gained full sincerity, coupled with the "fast economic development" and "a high degree of internationalization" and "multi culture" and "industrial base" and other factors, more and more overseas students to believe: "home is a good choice."

From the previous "home test" to the "active home", reflects the change of overseas students to pursue personal development space.

More and more students choose to return home after graduation

Students to graduate. There are people who want to stay overseas, more and more people rush back to their homeland.

As a graduate, will return! Liu Mengmeng's attitude towards the firm: "I am the only child, studying abroad before it was agreed with the family, to find a job immediately after graduation." Liu Mengmeng is currently a graduate student at Melbourne University in australia. In her side, plan to go home after their studies students accounted for the majority. At the same time, her parents have been to their home to prepare. "They said, as long as I find at home, no matter which settled in the city, they will immediately flew to the reunion with me." Liu Mengmeng said.

"China students show the 'large' state, there are about 600 thousand students studying abroad, at the same time every year, 500 thousand students will choose to return to employment." A global think tank director Wang Yaohui said.

An undergraduate at the University of Lyon in France, where Yi will become a member of hundreds of thousands of returnees in, and his goal is clear: back to Qingdao. As a native of Qingdao, his idea is simple: "back home, no other reason. "Home" this one word is enough."

And what are the students going to the same Yi a few. A research report shows that 61% of the overseas students to return to work in the selection, the home development as one of the main options.

"First to the embassy to apply for home proof materials, after returning home for the certification, then find a job." Studying in the Department of public administration, the American University of Long Island Li Simin, in less than a year's time, will be graduated. For the return process, to consult the students she already understood. When is she going to study abroad with her boyfriend went back home, looking for work, wedding, opening a new stage of life.

Admittedly, more and more overseas students, or for or because their parents care, sentimentally attached to homeland, or as a result of good domestic economic development, are preparing to return home after graduation development. For this phenomenon, some experts believe that from abroad hot "to" returning heat ", Chinese has learned the calm attitude and international perspective on this change. From the previous "home test" to the "active return", reflects the change of overseas students to pursue personal development space, the status quo behind this change is a huge boost in the overall national strength Chinese.

The country "fancy welcome"

For overseas students, how domestic comparison of the attractiveness of the city? Which needed attention, in addition to job prospects, and the city's economic development prospects, interpersonal relations, living environment comfort, cultural diversity and inclusiveness and resource level and other factors. These will be considered one by one.

2018 "Chinese returnees talent attraction" report published by the Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Qingdao as the representative of the "new first-tier cities" attraction increased year by year. The reason of the increasing appeal, these "new first-tier cities" dazzling "fancy welcome" strategy is very effective; and these "tricks" are: the establishment of students Pioneering Park, to provide financial support, entrepreneurial guidance and related facilities, to provide subsidies to improve the life...... A policy and measures intended to allow graduating overseas students to feel the city gained enthusiasm, attention to city development potential.

Carambola is American doctoral graduate. This summer, he was senior's suggestion, went to Qingdao to attend a special recruitment of dr.. With the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of human resources and social work personnel in-depth communication, carambola in the recruitment booth in a circle, finally reached a preliminary agreement with Hisense group. The company can give 30 million yuan annual salary. In accordance with the policy of Qingdao, I can apply to the talent apartment, and subsidies. The combination of all conditions, if I come to Qingdao, the future pace of life than in the first-tier cities calm some quality of life will be relatively high." Even if the comparison of these conditions and the rest of the world city, Qingdao on carambola attraction is still very large.

At present, many domestic have resorted to attract overseas students to exhaust all the skills, talents, Xi'an city can provide rent free stay is about 180 square meters of housing; if the outstanding contribution, this house will be donated to the individual. Wuhan city built will meet the needs of 200 thousand people rented apartment talent in 5 years. The city of Tianjin has 3 consecutive years issued talent rent and living subsidies. Housing subsidies Changsha city long-term work for the doctoral and master's first purchase given 60 thousand yuan and 30 thousand yuan; Qingdao city built 26 overseas cited only talent recruitment workstation, 5 Overseas Students Pioneer Park, the top talent to give 5 million yuan living allowance, major projects for top talent team to give comprehensive assistance, the highest 100 million yuan the mechanism of the introduction of high-level overseas talents to meet the conditions and personal reward standard up to 500 thousand yuan. In addition, relax settled policy, set up overseas high-level talent service window for overseas talent, talent allocation service specialist "and other initiatives, each city has become the introduction of overseas talent standard".

Focus on training quality and what advantage?

The policy although attractive, but also very fierce competition for talent, not around the cited only is "as long as the study will".

If you decided to go home after graduation. So, in the overseas learning process, which should focus on the cultivation of quality and have what advantage? What is a plus when looking for a job?

The first advantage is the students during the study and after graduation, some overseas internships, work experience.

The investigation report shows that the students have the experience of working overseas after returning home, the average annual salary than the students without the experience of more than 100 thousand yuan. Has returned overseas students and some students judgment, also fit with this report.

In the eyes of the enterprise managers, overseas students have what advantage when applying for a job? What kind of overseas students are more popular?

Our company is mainly engaged in the industry Chinese 100, service outsourcing work in the US insurance industry, is an American owned company." Utron Technology Co. Ltd. data service delivery vice president Xu Jing said, compared with 3 years ago, the number of returnees utron recruitment doubled.

When it comes to overseas students to apply for advantage, her breath lists many, "understanding the culture in Europe and the United States and the ways of communication; language advantages; familiar with the foreign insurance industry professional process." At the same time, Xu Jing said, companies are looking to overseas students can start from the basic position, can complete the complex task independently.

"Last year I study in Paris of France, to take" apprenticeship "work while studying. The experience of working overseas, has become the biggest advantage of my first job after returning." The current employment in the gifted Data Technology Co. Ltd. Zhu Qinyi says.

Young Zhu Qinyi, has served as the company's middle position. In her opinion, overseas students in the study period, professional achievement and graduation thesis usually need to pay attention to. "I am at home during the interview, the hiring manager had paid particular attention to this point, in their view, it can reflect the level of professional students."

In the interview, Zhu Qinyi and her colleagues also joined in, the above viewpoints frequently nodded. Introduce themselves, the colleague is using the name "Phoebe English". She also has 5 years of experience studying english. "For overseas work experience this, I want to emphasize," she said, "practice must go to the famous companies, such as those of the world's top 500 enterprises, it will be a foreign student resume is very valued."

"In addition, but also pay attention to connections, keep in close contact with friends at home and abroad to exchange information, mutual exchange of needed products." Phoebe added.

The students were returning the plan, domestic institutions abroad professionals also give advice. They believe that students abroad, may participate in the "international talent test" in the agents, in order to find out the short board, in the overseas study to improve their ability. During the study, to use summer vacation to do internship opportunities, may participate in well-known enterprises. In some countries, can use after graduation work visa granted students time, increase overseas working experience. "After the end of the internship, internship, ask a letter of recommendation is very important. In addition, overseas working experience in more than 3 months, otherwise its gold content will shrink." Experts reminded the road. (Zhao Wei)

(commissioning editor Hao Mengjia and Xiong Xu)

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