Because the food is half years old boy words into words

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Original title: because the food is too soft to feed two and a half boy words into words

Generally speaking, children at the age of 2 began to say some simple phrases, such as "Mom", "eat grandma". But 2 and a half year old Beckham also jumped out any phrase, waving hands up while a "ah" sound.

To this end, Beckham mother brain up some possible problems: cerebral palsy? Autism? Mental retardation? But the children's Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Zhejiang University doctor told her son: This is because you eat too fine!

His mother a hanging heart finally put down, but she still wanted to do not understand, the baby is not to be well fed?

In Zhejiang children hospital rehabilitation department, Dr. Chen Lingfang Beckham to do a series of tests, he found the development are not what big problem, but the mouth chewing ability was significantly lower than that in children.

Doctor Chen Lingfang let Beckham mom went back to record the child a week eating, and then with a single meal to visit. A week later, Dr. Chen Lingfang got the list, suddenly found the problem.

"The kids are eating soft pasta, Steamed Rice or milk, food are also easy to bite the fish, tofu, minced meat, some lumps of radish, broccoli and need to chew fibrous vegetables such as celery, spinach and other coarse grains, and did not appear on the menu."

Dr. Chen Lingfang explained that we eat the muscles used and the muscles used to speak is the same, Beckham persistent pickiness eat only soft rotten food, in the course of time can not exercise the muscles, weak, and ultimately affect his language development.

In order to let Beckham catch up with normal children's language ability, the doctor gives the program, in addition to diet and oral muscle training and language rehabilitation."

The reporter newspaper correspondent Zhang Bingqing Wang Xuefei

(commissioning editor Hao Mengjia and Xiong Xu)

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