"Curve Wrecker bedroom" 4 girls all successful security research class to sit in the front row do not touch mobile phone

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Original title: "Curve Wrecker dormitory" 4 girls all successful security research class to sit in the front row do not touch mobile phone

Graduate in 2019 is approaching, library, teaching building is full of graduate students figure. At the Fuzhou University, there is a "Curve Wrecker dormitory", 4 students were all successful security research, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Hunan University, and the research of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Fuzhou University. It is reported that 4 students from the experimental class of the school of Mathematical Finance College of economics and management.

Figure 4 bedroom for girls, from the left, Lin Binhong, Pan Jingzhen, Huang Qi, Ke Xiuling. Chinese youth network correspondent Ye Boning photo

Reporters learned that this dorm girls are not simple. Push free student at the Fuzhou University's selection criteria is the "points" point +15% interview +5% moral education 80%, according to the comprehensive results from high to low, performance is critical. Second, their whole dormitory GPA are steady in the top ten. The experimental class where they receive push free places a total of 9 places, and their bedroom accounted for 4. The dormitory 4 people received a total of more than 60 pieces of the certificate, the scholarship 23 times, 4 times the national motivational scholarships, Zhong Li scholarship 1 times, Xiamen International Bank Scholarship 1 times.

Dormitory members Lin Binhong told reporters, before they were 22 a bedroom, roommates is other professional students. After the end of a large, there is a uniform adjustment of bedroom opportunity, and with the students because they want to live together, so they also gathered to a dormitory.

Lin Binhong is the director of the "Curve Wrecker dormitory", but also the whole bedroom "bellwether", urging everyone to learn. Every day she earnestly to write down every work, and remind the roommate to complete.

The bedroom member Huang Qi said that the final review notes also thanks to the Hong bin, before Huang Qi et al performance ranking in the class of ten, and in the bedroom after the re establishment, Hong bin led everyone to learn together, then we place all have a significantly improved.

Figure 4 girls dormitory. Chinese youth network correspondent Ye Boning photo

Lin Binhong wrote a letter in three years ago, since then she set the graduate school, in the future also strengthened the study idea, don't let yourself drift.

Lin Binhong keeps a good habit early in high school, every night around 23 to 6 in the morning to get up, so stick to now. For love and learning between the problem, Huang Qi believes that as a college student, the study is the first priority, but also need to take into account the usual life entertainment to relax.

Love need to both provide a fixed learning time, at this time everyone who don't bother. This must be strictly enforced, everyone should have independent learning time, not because of love and delay learning.

Figure 4 girls dormitory. Chinese youth network correspondent Liu Yujie photo

In addition, in life they are helping each other to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere of the bedroom. Second, in the bedroom for the game, make a different representation of the image to the bedroom, Huang Qihua 5 days to draw their own plate painting picture. Finally, they also put the plate painting avatar made a set of postcards, birthday to send each other. Until now, two years later, postcards and picture cards still intact.

Huang Qi said: "everyone is the one and only bedroom, should have their own exclusive avatar, for all of us, this is a very meaningful thing."

In addition, the "Curve Wrecker dormitory" also participated in the activities of the dormitory culture corridor. Still designed by Huang Qilai dormitory overall color, then each division, common dress bedroom. Carefully dress bedroom, they received a total of three times a three-star, four star honors dormitory. These collective dormitory activities let their emotions and a step closer.

Figure 4 for the bedroom of female get the certificate. Chinese youth network correspondent Liu Yujie photo

Speaking of examination skills, dormitory members said that the first class to sit in the front, and don't touch the mobile phone, never can be done in the classroom to do after class. The second review must be carried out according to stages of time, don't push to end the review plan, it will be very painful.

At the same time, they also mentioned the final exam, the teacher outlined key is very crucial, it can be learned and summed up the focus of their own. But these are just some of the learning methods, perseverance. In an effort to obtain insurance quota research process, not what shortcut, the key lies in the usual accumulation.

Classmate Zhao Hairong told reporters: "members of the dormitory is very serious, always see their shadow in front of the classroom, they learn together, promote each other, whether in school or in the workplace, they can complete the task efficiently, and it is inseparable from the dormitory atmosphere." (reporter Li Huaxi correspondent Zhao Shan Li Wanjia)

(commissioning editor Hao Mengjia and Xiong Xu)

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